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    Thought Pics – Audio/Visual

    thoughtpics2In each of the five THOUGHTPICS you will see powerful images set to music, which unfold quickly or slowly depending on the topic, catching people’s attention and setting the scene for more personal explorations of the topic.

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    Conversations with Young People – DVD

    DVD - Conversations with young peopleThis video takes you into the real lives of young people; unscripted, immediate and genuine, from more formally sitting in a counselling room, to the casualness of the street together with the sounds of the wind and passing traffic.

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    Youth Works – Book

    IMAG1678YWs CExpThis book is full of practical ways to explore the questions about the sorts of lives young people wish to lead. ‘Youthworks’ presents a way of ‘talking’ with young people that is both powerful and compelling.

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    Questions of Choice – Book

    IMAG1697 Qns C exp‘QUESTIONS’ just has so many wonderful moments. It’s an hour long and shows real footage from groups run both in and out of schools. It’s been described as ‘very interactive, creative and entertaining!’

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    Pete’s Videos

    This is a collection of videos show casing the work I do.

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Welcome to Youth Work Matters

My website and collection of resources.

I work with young people, especially those having a hard time of life, and all that goes with this territory, and I work with those who are in the lives of young people, their friends and families and communities. And I also train and supervise the many and varied professional workers who at times touch the lives of young people. For me, all this is a priviledge, a challenge and a total joy.